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Treatment Centered Around You

Traditional mental health treatment such as talk therapy and medication management can help many, but it is not the answer for everyone. 

At Atlanta Integrative Psychiatry, we provide each of our patients with personalized and evidenced-based care to treat their conditions. As an outpatient mental health treatment center in Atlanta, we treat numerous conditions including the following:

By evaluating the biological, psychological, and social aspects of each person, we can adequately intervene on these brain disorders and maladaptive coping skills with the latest technological advances.

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Our Purpose

Atlanta Integrative Psychiatry understands how hard it can be to live with and overcome untreated mental illness. In addition, we also understand the presenting issues that come forth with a substance use disorder or dual diagnosis disorder

Our purpose is to help clients achieve healing with comprehensive neuroscience platforms backed by compassionate care. Through a multi-dimensional model of treatment, we focus on healing the brain, body, and spirit of each person. Our staff's number one goal is to work seamlessly together, providing quality care with sustainable outcomes.

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Our Mission

Our primary mission is for you to live a full, joyful, and successful life while learning to manage your mental health symptoms with alternative therapies backed by science. Most of our therapies take place on an outpatient basis to provide more cost-efficient healing, so you can also continue to work, go to school, or take care of obligations during treatment. Depending on your needs, we provide multiple different options including the following:

We Work with Most Insurance Providers