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ADHD Treatment in ATlanta, GA

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects a person’s life in several ways, including how they handle their careers, education, and personal lives. Without professional assistance, living with ADHD can be more difficult than it needs to be.

Atlanta Integrative Psychiatry provides  ADHD treatment in Atlanta that makes a real difference. We offer different types of therapies and prescription medications that help people manage their symptoms. We believe in partnering with each person we treat to create the right plan for their specific needs. We help people manage life with ADHD and meet their treatment goals.

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What is ADHD?


ADHD is a mental health disorder that affects many people and often begins during childhood. It causes a person to have difficulty controlling their impulses, focusing on tasks, and paying attention to other people. Those with ADHD often have trouble sitting still and engage in hyperactivity by moving quickly from one task to another. They are easily distracted and often talk excessively. These symptoms make it difficult to do well in school and at work. It also hampers their ability to have balanced give and take in relationships. ADHD is not curable, but attending ADHD treatment in Atlanta can empower a person to improve their symptoms and quality of life.


How Does Our ADHD Treatment in Atlanta Work?

ADHD causes a person to engage in patterns of difficulty focusing and hyperactivity, among other symptoms. Therapy modalities used as part of
ADHD treatment in Atlanta, GA help people gain control of their impulses and understand the consequences of their actions. As a result, they begin healthier patterns of behavior that allow them to focus more on their thought processes and performing tasks. 

Psychotherapy, in particular, offers a way for people with ADHD to begin to understand their condition and the ability they have to change their circumstances. Psychotherapy sessions allow a person a private, safe space to discuss how living with ADHD impacts their lives. They can work on developing healthy coping skills to use on a daily basis.

ADHD treatment in Atlanta also focuses on specific skill sets, like parenting, social skills, and on-the-job behaviors. Zeroing in on many aspects of a person’s life provides them with the boost they need to make improvements that add up to overall success in minimizing their ADHD symptoms. In addition, prescription medications also can play a major role in boosting a person’s ability to control their behaviors.

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    Types of ADHD

    There are multiple types of ADHD that can affect a person. ADHD treatment in Atlanta includes an exact diagnosis of the type the individual has and the appropriate program to help manage the symptoms. These types include:


    Predominantly inattentive: The person has extreme difficulty focusing and following instructions. Their attention is often diverted quickly before they complete tasks.

    Predominantly hyperactive-impulsive: The individual engages in hyperactivity, moving quickly from one task to another. They have impulses that cause them to fidget and engage in poor social skills, such as interrupting people and not being able to wait their turn to do something. 

    Combined inattentive and hyperactive-impulsive: This type combines symptoms of both of the other types of ADHD.

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    Medications for ADHD

    Part of
    ADHD treatment in Atlanta, GA often includes the use of medications. Doctors who help treat people with ADHD will discuss their options for prescription drugs and which ones may provide the right fit for their needs. There are two main types of ADHD medications. The most common type used is central nervous stimulants, which work by increasing the brain’s production of the chemicals dopamine and norepinephrine. These drugs help cause a calming effect in a person and increase their ability to stay focused. Common stimulant medications include Adderall, Dexedrine, Concerta, Ritalin, and Desoxyn.

    The other kind of medication used for ADHD is non-stimulant medication.  These are usually used when stimulant drugs do not provide the desired effect or cause too many side effects. Non-stimulant drugs can help increase norepinephrine levels and increase a person’s attention span and memory. Common ones include Strattera and Pamelor.

    Our ADHD treatment in Atlanta includes the use of multiple types of therapies that help improve the symptoms of poor mental health. The types of therapy we offer include:


    Benefits of ADHD Treatment in Atlanta, GA


    When someone with ADHD receives high-quality treatment, they gain benefits that help them long after they complete their initial care sessions. First, many people do not understand what their condition is about. Treatment helps put a name to it and gives the person an understanding of how their mind works when they have ADHD. Second, focused treatment involves teaching people to manage their symptoms, which results in a higher quality of life. The person can then begin to excel in their careers, schooling, social lives, and personal relationships. 


    ADHD treatment also exposes people to highly experienced therapists and other mental health clinicians who use their skills to improve the person’s life. They lead therapy sessions and oversee the usage of prescription medications that make living with ADHD much easier.


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    Having ADHD can make it hard to accomplish things like work goals and have healthy relationships because a person’s attention is unnecessarily diverted. It can leave a person feeling helpless if they don’t receive the quality care available to them. Atlanta Integrative Psychiatry provides ADHD treatment that makes a real difference in how a person interacts in their lives. Our staff uses their experience in treating mental health disorders to help people whose life has been disrupted by ADHD. We offer different types of therapy and access to prescription medications that help improve the symptoms of ADHD. 


    For more information about our ADHD treatment in Atlanta, contact us now. We make it easy to get started on improving your mental health.

    You are not alone. You deserve to get help.

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