TMS for Depression

Atlanta Integrative Psychiatry offers a dynamic array of innovative treatment options, including TMS therapy for depression, to help adults whose symptoms have not responded to medication or other types of therapy.

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Last Updated: May 8, 2024

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What Is Depression?

Depression is a prevalent mental health condition that can have a significant negative impact on a person’s physical, psychological, and social well-being. Depression is a treatable condition – but many people don’t experience the relief they had hoped for after receiving traditional care.

Depressive disorders are among the most common mental illnesses in the United States and throughout the rest of the world. The World Health Organization estimates that depression affects about 280 million people across the globe. In addition, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) has reported the following statistics about depression in the United States:

How Does TMS Therapy Help with Depression?

Transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS therapy, is an FDA approved treatment for depression and has been shown to be effective in thousands of patients. Experts don’t yet completely understand exactly how TMS therapy achieves its beneficial effects, but here is a general description of what they believe happens during a session: 

  1. The TMS therapist uses an electromagnetic coil to create brief magnetic pulses over the part of the brain that influences mood.
  2. These pulses pass painlessly through the skull, reaching just a few centimeters into the brain.
  3. Once in the brain, the pulses trigger minor electrical currents that prompt the release of neurotransmitters that are associated with elevated mood, motivation, joy, and pleasure.

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    Signs and Symptoms of Depression

    The symptoms of a depressive disorder can vary from one person to the next, depending on factors such as the individual’s age, the type of disorder they have, and if they are also struggling with a co-occurring mental health concern. In general, though, most people with depression will experience some or all of the following types of symptoms: 

    Untreated depression can have a catastrophic impact on a person’s life. But depressive disorders are treatable conditions. When a person receives effective care, which may include TMS therapy for depression, they can experience symptom relief and achieve improved quality of life.

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    Types of Depression that TMS Treats

    TMS therapy for depression can be effective for people whose lives have been disrupted by any type of depressive disorder.The two  most common forms of depression are major depressive disorder (MDD) and persistent depressive disorder (PDD): 


    • Major depressive disorder causes severe symptoms that last most of the day, most days, for a period of at least two weeks. These symptoms will be intense enough to impair a person’s ability to function in school, at work, or in other important areas of life.


    • Persistent Depressive Disorder: PDD involves symptoms that are usually less severe than major depressive disorder, but which last for at least two years. During this period, a person may also have major depressive episodes.

    What Are The Risks of TMS For Depression? Is It Safe?

    Our TMS therapy in Atlanta follows a protocol similar to most other forms of TMS therapy. During treatment, an electromagnet is placed on the scalp, and a series of magnetic pulses are sent to the targeted areas of the brain. These pulses stimulate the nerve cells, which can help improve the symptoms of the disorder being treated.

    Depending on the condition and the patient’s individual needs, treatment sessions typically last 30-45 minutes and are repeated up to 5 times per week for up to 6 weeks. After a course of treatment, many patients experience a significant improvement in their symptoms.

    Benefits of TMS Therapy For Depression

    The benefits that a person receives from any type of mental health treatment can vary depending on several personal factors. In the case of TMS therapy for depression, potential benefits include the following:

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    How TMS in Atlanta Works

    Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect when you participate in a TMS therapy session at our treatment center in Atlanta:

    Untreated depression can have a catastrophic impact on a person’s life. But depressive disorders are treatable conditions. When a person receives effective care, which may include TMS therapy for depression, they can experience symptom relief and achieve improved quality of life.

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